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Get ready to enjoy the food!

It really is extraordinary.

Our unique well-paced tour is first all about celebrating Philadelphia, a fabulous city rich in its people and neighborhoods, its historical and cultural attractions and then as an amazing added bonus get to enjoy Philadelphia’s internationally known junk food by visiting and eating at their original landmark locations. There are hundreds of differing opinions as to which of the many incredible cuisine specialties are better, but we feel we have chosen the very best of the best for you to enjoy.

What is Junk Food?   Amazing sweet sausages with roasted peppers and onions, succulent roasted pork, mouth-watering brisket, lightly breaded chicken cutlets with spinach and sharp provolone, hoagies of every sort made with the finest capicola, Italian ham, turkey, salami, prosciutto, tomatoes, sensational meatloaf with spinach and mushrooms, extraordinary strombolis (‘breads’) with eggs and bacon, eggs and peppers, spinach and cheese or pepperoni with sensational multiple layered cheeses, and of course cheese steaks, pretzels, Italian water ice and so much more.

How it Works?   A great part of the logistics of this well-paced tour is that you Never Wait in Line. On the coach, you choose from the next venue’s menu - the tour host takes your order - relays it to the vendor and voila! - your selection is waiting when you arrive - Full Portions - Not a Tasting - prepared with the freshest ingredients for a culinary treat you will long remember. Unlimited free soft drinks, juices and water are included with your ticket.

We give you a free eco-friendly tote bag to take home any unfinished items and some additional very special edible surprises. If it rains, we provide a free poncho to keep you dry, comfortable and happy.

The 1st Class Historical, Cultural and Junk Food Tour of the real Philadelphia, by itself is fabulous, but when we add in visiting, meeting the owners and eating at their original junk food landmark locations it creates a Once in a Lifetime Experience. An experience you will regale about with your friends forever.

We welcome everyone as if you were in our home.

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