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The Experience

Our main mission is to celebrate Philadelphia by traveling in a 1st class coach providing a well-paced cultural and learning experience that gives you the overall open feeling of the city. We show you the city from the outskirts looking in - down to our new Sports Complex, into our neighborhoods, our universities and famous historical and cultural attractions – many of them the 1st in the nation - from river to river – not, like the other tours, keeping you in a narrow few block area.

But to receive the real full experience of celebrating Philadelphia we must include our world acclaimed wonderful and diverse street cuisine - aka - junk food. Everyone knows about our famous cheese steaks & hoagies that every visiting politician has to be photographed taking a bite out of but that represents only the tip of our savory and succulent edibles and diverse treats.. The most photographed place may not currently provide the best food. You will visit and enjoy the best of the best.

The food? Fuhgeddaboutit !   Ain't never going to enjoy a huge range of great street cuisine from their original landmark locations like our tour offers. All the incredible food - Full Portions - Not a Tasting – and the unlimited soft drinks, juices and water are included with the tour.

So for your enjoyment and pleasure we combined both experiences into one great, informative, fulfilling and fun-filled tour. At the end of the tour, if we have done our part and your tour host has done his or her part to make your tour informative and comfortable and fun, then we hope that as you depart you will quietly whisper to the host, “WOW! That was Awesome!”.

But to enjoy and be part of the full experience our guests have to be ready, willing and able to open up and make friends with the other passengers. This is not a tour just to turn and take pictures from the coach, but one where we hope you will laugh, share with the group about yourself and become one well-coordinated team where everyone wants to get the most of this Once in a Lifetime Experience. In other words, we want you to have fun!

Major Note: We don’t tell you what to eat. You tell us. You select what you want from the next vendor’s menu and while in transit the tour host pre-orders the combined orders and when you arrive - No Waiting in Line - (while the line may be around the block) - everything is prepared and waiting for you. Then it’s your choice: eat at the vendor or walk around the neighborhood, be it the Italian Market, South Street or Manayunk and other local areas with your new friends.

We also intersperse several other Philadelphia specialties. Italian Water Ice - most people from around the country don’t know what it is but when you taste it you will forever remember the sheer young enjoyment of it. Philadelphia pretzels - special to our area and TastyKakes(t) - world famous cakes and pastries that you will embrace.

The Original, Historical, Cultural and Junk Food Tour of Philadelphia first and foremost celebrates our great city by providing a wide-ranging tour of the real city and then we add our great junk food and they both come together to make a great experience – a Once in a Lifetime Experience. We welcome you to join us. To buy your tickets now click here!

Boat House Row at Night

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