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When in Philadelphia           The Must-Do Adventure

There's a new and very unique tour celebrating all of Philadelphia that you will love!

The Original Historical, Cultural and Junk Food Tour of Philadelphia.  aka   The Junk Food Tour - celebrates Philadelphia, its past, present and the ever-growing upscale re-birth of the city. You will travel in a 1st Class Coach, see and visit the most entertaining and interesting cultural attractions and neighborhoods - from river to river - and for an incredible Once in a Lifetime Experience stop and eat at the original landmark locations of Philadelphia�s world famous cuisine locally known as spectacular junk food.

No candies, peanuts, hot dogs, french fries or salty snacks, but instead incredible delights of succulent roasted pork, breaded chicken cutlets with spinach and sharp provolone, cheese steaks, hoagies, mouth-watering beef brisket, sausage and roasted peppers and much, much more.

What we deliver is the WOW! factor, as in ...

WOW! "That was intense and great!"
WOW! "This tour is fabulous, they really delivered"
WOW! "I saw the real Philly and got to eat the absolutely best junk food at their original landmark locations. It was a blast"
WOW! "We made new friends, we laughed, we ate, we walked around some great neighborhoods, toured all over the city including their Sports Complex and we loved every minute of it." The food, fugedaboutit!
WOW! "Thank you. That was extreme fun. You really have a winner. Totally different from all the other tours in Philly. I will definitely tell all of my friends."
WOW! "All I can say is WOW! - it was the best tour I have ever taken, bar none."

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