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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are advance reservations required? top

Yes! Advance Purchase is required. Tours depart and return to the same point from between 2nd and 3rd streets on Walnut Street from in front of the Ritz Theatre. If it rains there is cover across the street in front of Lamberti’s restaurant. Our morning tour departs promptly at 9:30 AM. New! Private Tours are now available for small parties at the date and time of their choosing.

How long is the Tour? top

The Junk Food Tour 1st Class motor coach tour takes approximately 5 hours celebrating and visiting much of the expanding, vibrant youthful Philadelphia.

Does my ticket include all the food and unlimited juices, soft drinks and water? top

A huge Yes! Everything is included - except for tea and coffee. While the term “Junk Food” may apply to the overall perception, in reality, all of our chosen vendors provide the very best quality ingredients and their own special taste which made them famous. Bring your appetite to enjoy some sensational cuisine - you will not be disappointed.

Can I refund my ticket? top

No! Tickets cannot be refunded; however, they may be exchanged within the same season. Depending on availability they may be exchanged for another date only if you contact us 48 hours before your scheduled tour, otherwise you cannot change your tour time. To change your ticket(s) you must email headquarters@thejunkfoodtour.com or call 610.584.8687 and leave your name, telephone contact number and ticket confirmation number. If you know the date and time that you want to reschedule your tickets, please leave that information. Your call will be returned within 24 hours.

Is there a minimum age to be allowed to take the tour? top

The minimum age to take our tour is nine (9) years old, but all passengers, regardless of age, must purchase a ticket to join the tour.

Should I tip the tour host and driver? top

It is not mandatory, but our suggestion would be unequivocally “Yes”, but only if you enjoyed the host, the driver, the tour and the food. The general rule is 8% each for the driver and host. but if they provided an absolutely over-the-top WOW! experience, it’s up to you to express your happiness.

Can I take alcoholic beverages on the bus? top

SORRY - but the answer is a NO! We provide all the cold soft drinks, juices and water you may want. If you want a beer when we stop at certain vendors that is your decision, but absolutely no alcohol of any sort will be tolerated on the coach. If found, immediate dismissal from the tour shall be the penalty with absolutely no reimbursement of any sort.

Does the air-conditioned tour bus have a bathroom? top

Yes! We suggest you prepare yourself for the equally spaced travel between the multiple stops for the great food that you will be enjoying. Many of the stops provide their own restrooms for their customers. Unfortunately, none of the bathrooms on our tour are handicap accessible. Please be neat and always be respectful of the next person requiring the bathroom.

How do I purchase my ticket? top

Click here BUY TICKETS to secure your reservation. The Junk Food Tour has quickly become an important local tourist MUST DO so reservations should be made as early as possible. All bookings are made online at www.TheJukFoodTour.com. You will need a credit card to purchase your ticket(s).. You may come to the departure point without a reservation, however, there is no guarantee there will be available space. If there is seating you will have to pay in cash. The concierge at your hotel will be happy to place your reservation.

What if I arrive late to continue the tour? top

A very important question. There are about 20 – 36 passengers per coach. This allows for lots of fun interaction between everyone. The many epicurean junk food stops have the hot food you ordered waiting for all of our guests to arrive on time. We deem it highly unfair for any one person(s) to hold up the rest of our guests. If it happened at each of our many stops, we could lose hours to the unfair detriment of the entire experience.

Therefore, we have made a very strict decision. If you are late - not onboard – when the coach is ready to continue, the tour host has no authority except to follow company policy and leave without you without our being responsible for any refund or other consideration of any sort. It sounds harsh, but we provide about 20 – 30 minutes for each stop where the food you ordered is already waiting at the next stop.

However please note, if you grab a cab and/or hitch a ride at your expense and catch up to the tour, we would welcome you to continue with the tour. So far, no one has ever been left behind as all the passengers know if someone is missing they generally scream for us to wait until they finally arrive.

Is there a lot of walking on the tour? top

There are several stops where you can choose to explore the neighborhood at your own pace, but remember you have to be back on the coach when we are ready to leave.

Are you Handicap Accessible? top

We will accommodate guests with handicap disabilities. Reservations for a disabled person must be made 48 hours in advance by calling the office – 610.584.8687.to allow us time to schedule a much larger coach able to accommodate the embarking and disembarking requirements of the guest. However, we must point out that during the ride from location to location, a handicapped person may not, leave their seat to use the bathroom while in transit. Also please note the grandfathered, by law, bathrooms along the tour are not Handicap Accessible and on the coach the bathroom does not allow space for a wheelchair nor are there any support guard rails inside the bathroom.

We suggest disabled guests invite a friend join them on the tour for assistance. It is also important to note that we sometimes park a few blocks from the eating establishment which requires a few extra minutes to reach and return from the location plus the additional time to embark and disembark from the bus.

For full disclosure: No matter their circumstances, all guests must still be back on the bus within the scheduled time as noted above.

Are there refunds if I miss the tour? top

The simple and direct answer is ‘No’. The only exception to this policy is if we cancel the tour due to inclement weather or any other unusual circumstance. If we cancel the tour – a full refund will be available by check as we do not keep any of your credit card information. Please provide us with your email and cell phone number – which we will not share with anyone - Privacy Policy - to contact you ASAP to possibly reschedule with another date.

Can I bring a bag to take home some of the food? top

Not necessary! We provide a large bag(s) to take home any of the food you want to enjoy over the next several days.

If this tour is sold out can I get on a waiting list? top

Unfortunately, there is no waiting list for our tours. Daily tours are available every week from late March through November. Please check again as we are always adding tours to accommodate the volume our guests.

Do you do Private Tours for small groups? top

Yes! We have added private tours for small groups. Email headquarters@thejunkfoodtour.com – and tell us the date and time you would like to take the best tour in the United States. We will contact you within 24 hours.

What happens if it rains? top

The tours will take place in all normal weather conditions. In rare circumstances such as a heavy snow storm, a hurricane, or other extreme weather conditions when the vendors can't open, the tour would be canceled. If it rains during the tour, we provide you with a free reusable poncho to make you comfortable and happy to enjoy the rest of the tour.

What places will we visit on the tour? top

You will be visiting the city from the outside looking in. Other tours keep you in center city or just in the Historical area. We travel in a 1st class motor coach all around the city from the river to river. We firmly believe we have chosen the absolutely best route throughout to see the beauty and feel the vibrancy of Philadelphia.

Can I choose what I want to eat at the next vendor? top

Absolutely! You plan what you want to eat – Full Portions – Not a Tasting. While in transit, you select from one of four items we have chosen as the very best from the next vendor. You never have to stand in line. No Lines! Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Will I learn to also celebrate Philadelphia on your tour? top

We hope and expect you to become a huge fan of our city. Our tour hosts are from Philly. They will provide historical and personal stories what you will see and certainly about the gourmet epicenters you will be visiting.

We live in Philadelphia. Would the tour still be good for us? top

Absolutely! We have a huge fan base that have no visited many of the areas we explored – especially the Italian Market where nostalgia takes over as they walk through the area. The tour explores places that you probably didn’t know exist, plus you will meet many of the owners of the food venues and you will make new friends. Bottom line: You will have a great time!

What if I have food allergies or dietary restrictions? top

You are responsible to choose intelligently with care if you know you should not eat certain items. Of the three or four choices per location, you choose what you want. We do not provide gluten free choices at any of our venues. We are not responsible in any manner whatsoever if you choose a sandwich that does not agree with you or is harmful because of an existing allergy.

Will I have a good time if I take the tour? top

Fughedaboutit! You will have one of the best experiences in your life? Guaranteed!